A Man and His Machine :: Motorcyle Portraits with Off Camera Flash

A Man and His Machine :: Motorcyle Portraits with Off Camera Flash

A PHOTOGRAPHER'S TALE I've found that my interest with photography continues to grow as I find new challenges and aspects of imaging to undertake. This couldn't hold more true with my discovery of (and now likely a serious addiction with) off camera flash, and the new levels of creativity it brings to my photography. Off camera flashes in and of themselves can open up a whole new world to a photographer. Then add in the multitude of modifiers out there (snoots, grids, gels, umbrellas: shoot through and reflective, diffusers, reflectors, gobos, etc.) and the creative opportunities really become endless.

I took this approach on a recent gig I had with a local motorcycle racer, who wanted some unique photos of himself with his new bike. I figured the most dramatic effects would be achieved my incorporating off camera flash techniques with well-selected backgrounds. After my experience on the shoot, which ended up incorporating strobes, umbrellas, grids, snoots, and gels, I wanted to share my tale in hopes it might benefit some other photographers who are considering enterting the strobist world.

Now -- before I get into the strobe techniques I used...

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