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Client Photos for LinkedIn Profiles

Client Photos for LinkedIn Profiles

With the current economic environment which, let's be honest, is pretty crummy - people are looking to expand their job prospects as much as humanly possible. In this era of social networking, LinkedIn has become the de facto site for networking professionals. Of course, Facebook still rules the web, but your future employer doesn't want to see pictures of you doing keg-stands at that 1997 frat-house kegger. And that "cute" photo you posted of you and your better half yucking it up in Puerto Vallarta isn't going to curry any favors with the HR department - unless they like that sort of thing. And that's just creepy.

Be Professional!

When it comes to resume headshots you need to start off on the right foot by understanding that your LinkedIn profile is essentially an on-line resume. It should be presented just as professionally as a hard copy resume, and...

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