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Infant Photography :: Candid Family Photos in Denver

Shooting candid family photos is one of my favorite forms of portrait photography; it allows me to capture families interacting in their natural state, without contrived poses or forced smiles. With newborns and infants this can be a little bit of a challenge, simply because they aren't always in the cheeriest of moods. To me, that is what makes baby photography fun and interesting - you really never know what kind of shot you're going to get, but at least the baby's emotions are real and raw. A little bit of advice to photographers wanting to shoot infants: always ask the parents about baby's nap time and sleep schedule when setting up a shoot. A cranky baby can cut your shoot short, make the situation difficult for mom and dad, or just be a general nuisance - making it difficult for you to get the photos you need. Just plan in advance and work with the parents to shoot during baby's normal awake times.

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