Kent Thiry, CEO DaVita :: Denver Event Photography

Kent Thiry, CEO DaVita :: Denver Event Photography

Voices of Experience

As an event photographer I must say that I get to see some pretty cool parties. Even if I'm focused on my job - making sure I get those killer photos - it's still nice to see people enjoying themselves and having a good time. However, occasionally I get to photograph events that are not only entertaining, but also educational and truly inspiring; which brings me to the Daniels College of Business Voices of Experience lecture series. This has been an ongoing program at Daniels and provides a platform for known leaders in business to share some of their history and experiences.

Kent J. Thiry :: CEO of DaVita

This specific event featured Kent J. Thiry, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DaVita, a leading provider of kidney care and dialysis services and education in America. I must say this was an incredible lecture to be able to photograph. Even though my eye is always at the viewfinder - waiting for that great moment to snap a photo - it was difficult to ignore Mr. Thiry's talk. He is clearly passionate about his work at DaVita, and it became obvious that...

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