denver traditional headshots

Denver Corporate Headshots :: Traditional Style Portraits

Denver Corporate Headshots :: Traditional Style Portraits

Corporate Portraits

Sometimes it's easier to take the studio to the client then to make the client come to the studio. This is a common scenario when shooting a large group of individuals with a similar style/setting, say for company portraits, corporate headshots and employee profile photos. Getting an entire company to shut down for a day to take photos at a studio simply isn't practical; so it's best to bring the studio to the company. This was the case when I recently photographed the owners, engineers and support staff at D. L. Adams Associates, one of the premiere acoustical consulting firms in Colorado and all of the U.S.

Taking the Portrait Studio on the Road

To work with their business schedule, while still being able to photograph every employee, I decided to load up my mobile gear and take my studio on the road. With a roll of seamless background paper, some light stands, umbrellas, speedlights and...

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