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Denver Pet Photography :: Dog 'N Cat Behavior Solutions

Denver Pet Photography :: Dog 'N Cat Behavior Solutions

Animal Photography Tip #1: Plan in Advance

When the owner of Dog 'N Cat Behavior Solutions here in Denver contacted me about taking some photos for her new website with animals, I can't deny that I got a little nervous. Working with animals is always unpredictable and requires a lot of patience. If you shoot with flash, it's also good business practice to let your client know up front that there will be a lot of flashing lights. Some animals don't respond well to flashes, and the last thing you need is a spooked pet darting about your studio.

So with the basic information covered, I began putting a game plan together for the shoot. I usually start with developing some specific goals with my clients regarding the type of photographs they want. In this case, after a brief telephone consultation, it was clear that my client wanted some headshots, and...

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