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First Proof Prints of Red Rocks Photos Arrive!!

First Proof Prints of Red Rocks Photos Arrive!!

Red Rocks Photo Contest

After winning the Red Rocks Photography contest last year, I began receiving requests for posters and prints of some of the photos. Getting some of these images prepared for printing was a rather onerous task, since I wanted to ensure they could be printed at large sizes while still retaining a high level a quality. This attention to detail required some long nights of editing, however, I think it has finally paid off.

My first set of photo proofs have arrived back from the printer, and I couldn't be more pleased. While these are only 8x10 proofs, they have enough detail for me to authorize larger prints. I also plan to have a page up in the coming days where prints from my Red Rocks collection can be ordered directly. The first set will be a small collection of 3-4 prints, but I will be expanding this as additional photos are prepped for printing.

If you are interested in ordering a print from my Red Rocks photo set, please feel free to contact me directly.

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