Retouching Professional and Corporate Headshots - A Photographer's Perspective on "Photoshopping"

Touchups and Edits for Business and Corporate Headshots (AKPHOTO, Denver)

During every headshot session, almost without fail, a client will ask me, "can you do just a little bit of touchups here?" or, "can you smooth out a few wrinkles there?" And every time I give the same response, "don't worry, every single one of my photos is touched up before it goes out the door." But, I don't think they always believe me.

I'm here to clear the air and let everyone know that there's no need to feel insecure and that the truth must be known: Yes, I touchup (edit, airbursh, "photoshop") every single image that I deliver to my clients. 

Phew... I feel so much better now! 

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let me tell you why I touchup every photo. Let's be honest, not everyone is a photographer, and not everyone knows the specifics of digital imaging. But almost every photographer will tell you, "the camera shows everything." This is a true statement in our industry. So if you had a rough night the day before your photoshoot, or just didn't sleep well the prior evening, you may have some bags under your eyes. Perhaps you drink a boatload of coffee every day (like I do) and have some teeth staining. Or maybe you're just stressed a little at work and have some veins showing in your eyes.

Before and After LinkedIn Headshot Edits (AKPHOTO, Denver)

Whatever the case may be, not everyone is prepared like a supermodel for their corporate or LinkedIn headshot shoot. And not everyone can afford a team of makeup artists and hairstylists to make them look like one. So, that's where the old "photoshopping" comes in to play. Now, I never like to do a lot of edits - I don't want you looking like a completely different person, and the dreaded "clay face" that comes from too much photoshop is never a good look - but a little teeth whitening here, and some wrinkle reduction there, is usually all that is needed to "freshen" some one right up!

Of course, I always take requests as well. Sometimes you just happen to have a bad pimple on your scheduled headshot date, or maybe a cold sore cropped up. No worries, just tell me it's something you'd rather not see in your business headshot and I'll make it disappear!

Just remember, touchups and edits are nothing to fear; every headshot gets 'em here at AKPHOTO!