Professional Headshots for Business and Promotion

As advertising moves away from print media and more towards internet based advertising and web presence, businesses have been focusing their marketing efforts on ensuring their clients have a visual understanding of the services they provide, in addition to providing biographical information on the staff they employ. This is especially helpful in the healthcare industry, as it allows clients to become familiar and more comfortable with the people they will interact with in a clinical office environment.

This was the exact scenario I encountered when a Denver based Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) contacted me looking for headshots. She had recently started working at a physical therapy facility that had an established and comprehensive website. They required her to provide headshots for use on their website, on personal business cards, and in their marketing literature. This was so clients and patients would have a better understanding of the personnel they would be working with during their time in therapy.

As therapy clinics are often associated with some type of medical expertise, I decided to employ a white backdrop for this shoot. The white provides a strong visual that helps associate the image with the medical industry, while also conveying professionalism. All in all we spent approximately 45-minutes shooting, with two different color shirts that worked well with my client's complexion. My client asked me to assist her in choosing the final image, and ultimately we decided on the shot featured at the top of this blog post. I feel it is the most confident and professional look of the three proofs she selected. She informed me that her employer was thrilled with the shot, and has already published it on their website - with business cards on the way!