Pop Chips Photo Booth :: 2011 Westword Music Showcase

Denver Photowall Photography (by AKPHOTO)

Shooting the Popchips VIP Pop n Pose Photobooth at the Westword Music Showcase this year was a lot of fun. As an event photographer, how can I complain about good music, good times, and good people diving in front of my camera; hamming it up with the goofiest poses and expressions possible?! (Granted, some of them may have been a little inebriated). :) While shooting in the mid-day sun was a bit of a challenge, my two portable strobes (used with reflective umbrellas) were more than enough to overpower the harsh sunlight. Samples of the shots passed on to my client (Popchips) are below.

The public gallery is available here for anyone wanting to see their photos from the event. 

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