Max Appel - Professional Headshot for Business Profile

Having worked with the University of Denver in the past for some of their event and teacher headshot photos, I was given the task of photographing Max Appel for an upcoming profile they were doing. Max Appel had attended DU, and with the success of his OrangeGlo and OxiClean products, the University was doing a profile on him for the Daniels College of Business Fall Business Review. This is a journal that has a circulation of approximately 40,000, and is provided to all existing students and alumni. Just having the chance to work with Max Appel, the founder of OxiClean and the guy who gave Bill Mays his first big break, was going to be a blast!

The shoot took place at Max's offices in south Denver, and I was a bit surprised to find out that Max only had about 40 minutes available for me before he had to get to another appointment. I had planned to do an environmental shoot, getting pictures of Max in his office, but with all the activity it didn't really provide an appropriate backdrop. Feeling the pressure of time, I was thrown into a bit of a panic trying to come up with a setting and backdrop for the photos. Luckily, Max had a trade-show booth on hand, and it was a black felt material that made an excellent solid black background.

With some strategically placed products, a couple of kicker lights and a blue gel, I was setup and ready to roll in about 25 minutes. It was a bit of a rush, but I was able to make it happen.

Here is the headshot that was selected for the magazine's business profile: