Kent Thiry, CEO DaVita :: Denver Event Photography

Voices of Experience

As an event photographer I must say that I get to see some pretty cool parties. Even if I'm focused on my job - making sure I get those killer photos - it's still nice to see people enjoying themselves and having a good time. However, occasionally I get to photograph events that are not only entertaining, but also educational and truly inspiring; which brings me to the Daniels College of Business Voices of Experience lecture series. This has been an ongoing program at Daniels and provides a platform for known leaders in business to share some of their history and experiences.

Kent J. Thiry :: CEO of DaVita

This specific event featured Kent J. Thiry, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DaVita, a leading provider of kidney care and dialysis services and education in America. I must say this was an incredible lecture to be able to photograph. Even though my eye is always at the viewfinder - waiting for that great moment to snap a photo - it was difficult to ignore Mr. Thiry's talk. He is clearly passionate about his work at DaVita, and it became obvious that he has created a very unique environment that draws out the very best of those around him. I only hope I was able to capture his energy in photos. For those interested, feel free to view his lecture on YouTube.

Sample photos from the Daniels Voices of Experience series featuring Kent Thiry are below...