How To Open Canon 5D Mark III Raw Files in Lightroom 4

UPDATE :: LR4 Now Supports the 5D Mark3!!

Adobe has just launched an update to Lightroom 4 with native support for the 5D Mark III!! You can download the Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate here. The process described below should still work for users trying to get their 5D3 files into Lightroom 3. I do not know if Adobe plans official 5D3 support in LR3.

Error seen when importing 5D3 RAW files in an older version of Lightroom 4.

Error seen when importing 5D3 RAW files in an older version of Lightroom 4.

With Canon's new full-frame powerhouse, the 5D Mark III, hitting the street this week, there seems to be some confusion about how to open its RAW files in Lightroom. As of today - March 23rd - there is no support for the 5D3's RAW files in Lightroom 3 (LR3) or Lightroom 4 (LR4). Although the new Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 6.7 Beta does support the 5D3 files, most photographers do not want to use Photoshop's direct Camera Raw importer for bulk image processing.

With that said, I'm sharing this "how to" as a stop-gap to help photographers get their 5DmkIII's RAW files into LR4 until a formal update is provided by Adobe Systems.

Step By Step :: Get Your 5D3 Files Into LR4

  • First, download Adobe's DNG Converter 6.7 software. (Note: This is a release candidate/beta, so some bugs may exits)
  • Install the DNG Converter software.
  • Now, open the DNG Converter Software and select the folder that holds your Canon 5D3 camera RAW files.
  • Next, set an output folder for the converted files.
  • Click "Convert," crack open a beer, and wait while your 5Dmk3 RAW files are converted to Adobe's DNG raw file format.
  • Once the conversion is complete - import your new DNG raw files in Lightroom 4! :)

Adobe DNG Converter Screenshot

Screenshot: Use Adobe’s DNG Converter to Convert 5D3 RAW Files

Now get out there and edit those brand spankin' new 5D3 files!

March 26 :: 5D Mark III News From Adobe!

On Monday, March 26, adobe employee "MadManChan2000" posted in Adobe's Offical Lightroom Support Forum that a dot update will be coming "soon" to provide native support for 5D3 files in Lightroom. See the quote of his post below:

There will soon be a Lightroom 4 update with support for the 5D III. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can use the free DNG Converter 6.7 Release Candidate from Adobe Labs.
— MadManChan2000

This is great news. So just hang tight 5D3 users - we should have an official update soon. In the meantime, Adobe is recommending the DNG Converter method I had provided earlier in this post.

Happy shooting! Andrew K.,