A Holiday Cookbook Cover :: Commercial Photography

D.L. Adams Associates Inc, Holiday Cookbook Cover (AKPHOTO Commercial Photography in Denver)

As the holidays are now in full swing, many of us begin preparing Christmas cards and various forms of well wishes to share with those who've meant the most to us over the years. To commemorate the festive season, D.L. Adams Associates, the premier acoustical, theatrical, noise control, information technology and audio visual systems design and engineering firm in Denver, sends out an annual cookbook to friends and clients. The unique aspect of this cookbook is that it is comprised of recipes that come directly from its owner's and employees' kitchens.

While D. L. Adams has, in years past, used custom artwork for their cookbook cover, this year they decided to employ dramatic imagery of some of the recipes contained within the cookbook's pages. The shoot ended up being quite a production that ultimately required the collaborative efforts of a set designer, chef (to make the dishes on display), a location host for the setting, and myself as photographer.

To get the foreground place setting and hors d'oeuvres evenly lit, while also getting the streamers suspended in the background illuminated properly, I employed a combination of five strobes and monolights, some gels, a shoot-through umbrella, a reflector, and a snoot. While photographing food can certainly be complex from a lighting standpoint, I must say that I was thrilled with the end result (as was the client).

Doing this shoot really worked up my appetite... and I can't wait for my copy of the cookbook to see the recipes inside!