Event, Photobooth, and Concert Photo Galleries Added!

Event photowall and on-site prints (by AKPHOTO in Denver)

With a little down time over the holidays I had some time to scrutinize my website. While I'm mostly satisfied with the layout and content, I've noticed that my general "EVENTS" portfolio was becoming a mish-mash of concert photos, private party & event photos, and photobooth images. Instead of continuing to add more and more photos to this single gallery - which would eventually become a total nightmare for visitors to browse through - I decided to divide my images into three separate galleries, with one for each category: EVENT, CONCERT, and PHOTOBOOTH. These three new portfolio galleries are already live and can be found by using my main menu bar, or the links below:

I think this is a much better way to demonstrate my services and photo style. And I will be updating these galleries regularly as I continue to photograph events, parties and concerts throughout Denver and all of Colorado.