Surprise Proposal Photography :: Hiding Out When He Pops the Question

Big Plans!

AKPHOTO Surprise Engagement Photography

When a client calls me pumped up and totally excited about a specific shoot idea they have, it's hard for me not to share in their enthusiasm and dive in head first with the collaboration efforts. Such was the occasion when Allen called me last week looking to have me take some surprise photos at the moment he proposed to his girlfriend. Not only did he want me to photograph the event, but he wanted me entirely out of site. I could tell that this was gearing up to be my kind of shoot!

That Special Spot

As Allen started explaining his idea and describing what he wanted me to shoot, I really didn't think that hiding at the proposal spot would be a problem until he hit me with the news... he didn't have a location selected yet. Worse yet - the planned proposal was less than a week away!

We went into overdrive scouting locations, and while it was a little stressful, in hindsight I must admit that it was an incredible experience. Allen got the opportunity to consider locations that would have meaning to him and his future wife, and at the same time I was able to throw in my own two cents; being careful to point out that certain locations simply didn't offer a good hiding place for me to shoot from.

Plan in Advance

If there was one lesson to take away from the experience it was this (and fellas planning your proposal take note):

  • when considering surprise proposal photos be sure to include your photographer early in the planning process

Not every location is suitable for hiding a photographer off in the wings! Your photographer will need to know the location details, and may even advise you as to the position and angles required when popping the question. While it may seem like overkill, it's the only way to make sure that you'll be able to capture her expression when you pop the question!

Shooting that special moment when a proposal occurs is always a treat, and something I feel blessed to be a part of. Check the sample photos below from Allen and Lydia's proposal this past weekend (and some spontaneous engagement photos we snapped immediately after she said yes!)...