Photobooth Photography at the DU Daniels College of Business

I recently had the privilege of shooting University of Denver's 2011 Academic Hood Ceremony for their Daniels College of Business. While many of us may be familiar with the cap and gown ceremonies associated with a bachelor's degree, hooding ceremonies are reserved for advanced degrees or those who have recently completed a graduate program. Many of those receiving their degrees at the Daniels College of Business event had studied finance, accounting, and marketing, and were receiving MBA's or similar degrees. As part of completing their respective programs, DU wanted to provide formal photographs and portraits to the graduates and had asked me to coordinate two photobooths with separate photographers operating each. By implementing two photo booths the university was hoping that photographs could be taken of separate graduates (and their friends and family members) simultaneously. This would provide a more efficient environment for photographs to be taken, without creating a large line or log jam.

As the ceremony began, my assistant and I began snapping away, accommodating any and every request made by the graduates. The two booths worked as planned, allowing people to come and take photos as needed - pulling in family and friends for requested photos - without any lines or long waits developing.

This really was a fun event to be involved with; especially being able to see so many people excited about having just achieved such a major accomplishment.

Congrats to all the graduates!! And feel free to browse some sample photos below. For information on On-Site Event Printing, please click here.