Capturing the Color :: Fall Family Photos in Colorado

Go figure -- As I'm writing this post about photographing fall foliage colors, a monster snowstorm is pummeling Denver and clearing off any leaves that may have remained on the trees. That's OK though, I got to capture colorful Colorado in all its glory just in the nick of time... A client of mine wanted to have some family portraits done before the weather got bad, and while the leaves were still on the trees. We had actually scheduled a shoot about three weeks ago in Dillon, but when I arrived at the location, clouds and rain moved in and put the kabosh on my photography efforts. So we plan B'd it, and chose to setup another shoot closer to Denver so I could monitor the weather better. After scoping out some mountain parks, I decided that Dedisse Park in Evergreen would make a perfect setting for some fall photography... and I have to say my choice of location was a total score!

We all arrived around 3:30pm - which gave me plenty of time to get setup and comfortable shooting before the golden hour. And when it hit, talk about golden!! I setup a few shots with my family clients kneeled in front of some glowing deciduous trees that were beaming with color from the sunshine. The sun also gave them an awesome backlight glow (and made their Golden Retriever REALLY golden!), while my strobes did their job at fill. Definitely one of my favorite shots of the session...

Enjoy the samples below!