AKPHOTO Launches New Denver Photographer Website!

With the new year upon us and my WordPress photography website now over 2 years old (with minimal updates in that time frame), I felt it was time for a refresh with AKPHOTO.com. And so, I decided to completely redesign my website for 2015! It took quite a bit of time going back through my portfolio and re-exporting all the images I wanted to use, but I think the end result was well worth it.

AKPHOTO.com is hosted on SquareSpace

AKPHOTO.com is hosted on SquareSpace

For this new AKPHOTO.com v2.0, I switched over to SquareSpace for hosting. While it is not as robust as WordPress, I feel like the interface is MUCH easier to work with for photography portfolios. I am limited in customizations, but sometimes having constraints is a good thing. No longer am I spending weekends researching a bit of code to make a tiny tweak, or looking up CSS functions at 2am just to move an image two pixels to the left, like I would do with WordPress. I have only a set number of options, and I can either take it or leave it. I'm finding I like the constraints of simple website designs.

I'm still working to fill out the website and galleries, but some things you'll find on the new AKPHOTO are:

Be sure to check back for additional photo galleries, blog posts and videos!